Project Area:

The University of Connecticut is leading the development of an ASCC affiliate project site targeting oak forests in southern New England. Oak forests in southern New England often extend across multiple wooded parcels of varying sizeand ownership status in a parcelized and fragmented landscape. This project also includes considerations of the social dimensions of managing small parcels in the context of an exurban landscape. Rather than a single site, treatments will be replicated across the regional landscape on multiple ownerships.



Site Leads & Partners:

Researchers from the University of Connecticut, including Tom Worthley, Anita Morzillo and Robert Fahey, have led the development of the Southern New England Oak ASCC project. 

Staff from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Division of Forestry are leading the coordination of one treatment site at the Mohegan State Forest, currently under consideration and undergoing treatment plan review. Additional sites are being identified.

Affiliate Southern New England ASCC Site Lead

Affiliate Southern New England ASCC Site Lead