Chris Looney Hired as New ASCC Postdoc

Submitted by Courtney Peterson on

In September, Chris Looney was hired as the Postdoctoral Fellow for the Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change (ASCC) project. Based out of the Forest and Rangeland Stewardship Department at Colorado State University, Chris will be working as a member on the National ASCC team. Chris will be collaborating with ASCC scientists and land managers on the development of cross-site research to better inform climate-adaptive forest-management strategies and support outreach at the national level. Chris is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys biking, hiking, kayaking, rock-climbing, and snowshoeing in his free time. The National ASCC Network is excited to have Chris as the newest member to the ASCC team. 

Chris Looney is the new ASCC Postdoctoral Fellow
Chris Looney, ASCC Postdoctoral Fellow