The Jones Center is located in the southeastern coastal plain of Georgia.
The Jones Center ASCC site is located in Ichauway, Georgia. 


The Jones Center at Ichauway is participating in a network-wide study called Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change (ASCC) at the Ichauway campus in southwest Georgia. The goals of this project are to test different silvicultural approaches to climate change adaptation that will also serve as useful examples across the country. The Jones Center seeks to understand, to demonstrate and to promote excellence in natural resource management and conservation on the landscape of the southeastern Coastal Plain of the United States. Central to both the Jones Center philosophy and the ASCC project is the conviction that management and research inform each other and are partners in their contribution to knowledge.

The Jones Center at Ichauway is a 29,000-acre property in rural southwestern Georgia that hosts a diverse range of ecological communities. These include longleaf pine forests (both natural and plantation), mixed pine stands, riparian hardwood forests, isolated depressional wetlands, agricultural fields, shrub-scrub uplands, and human cultural zones. Ichauway was established as a quail hunting reserve in the 1920s by Robert W. Woodruff, and is located on the Dougherty Plain, a karst topography dominated by sandy soils. The Ichawaynochaway Creek flows through Ichauway, and the Flint River forms 13 miles of the property‚Äôs eastern boundary. 


Site Administrators and Partners:

Steven Brantley and Joshua Puhlick (The Jones Center at Ichauway) are site leads for The Jones Center at Ichauway ASCC site. Key collaborators include Jeffery Cannon, Andy Whelan, Mike Connor, Gail Morris, Brandon Rutledge, Scott Smith, Stribling Stuber, and Scott Taylor (The Jones Center at Ichauway staff); and Benjamin Knapp (University of Missouri). 

Jones Center ASCC Site Co-Lead

Jones Center ASCC Site Co-Lead