Ohio Hills banner image showing green deciduous foliage

Monitoring & Next Steps

Ohio Hills workshop participants
Ohio Hills ASCC Workshop, May 24-26, 2022. Photo Credit: Jacob Muller, University of Kentucky


Monitoring is an essential component of the ASCC study. Research partners from many institutions are working together to investigate the effectiveness of different silvicultural treatments aimed at creating adaptive ecosystems. Some of the monitoring items include: 

  • Oak advanced regeneration
  • Success of natural and artificial regeneration
  • Songbird, bat, timber rattlesnake, and other wildlife community response to treatments
  • Residual tree survival and growth

Progress & Next Steps:

Final treatment locations were identified and assigned to each treatment and pretreatment vegetation data collection was initiated in July 2022. A pilot study determining differences in the songbird community among the study site was also conducted in July 2022. Formal prescriptions will be finalized during October – December 2022. Pre-treatment sampling will be conducted Spring 2023. Harvesting is planned to take place in Fall 2023/Winter 2024. Site preparation will begin in September 2023.